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How to contribute


We use poetry to manage the dependencies. If you dont have poetry, you should install with make poetry-download.

To install dependencies and prepare pre-commit hooks you would need to run install command:

make install
make pre-commit-install

To activate your virtualenv run poetry shell.


After installation you may execute code formatting.

make codestyle


Many checks are configured for this project. Command make check-codestyle will check black, isort and darglint. The make check-safety command will look at the security of your code.

Comand make lint applies all checks.

Before submitting

Before submitting your code please do the following steps:

  1. Add any changes you want
  2. Add tests for the new changes
  3. Edit documentation if you have changed something significant
  4. Run make codestyle to format your changes.
  5. Run make lint to ensure that types, security and docstrings are okay.

Other help

You can contribute by spreading a word about this library. It would also be a huge contribution to write a short article on how you are using this project. You can also share your best practices with us.