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# Release drafter configuration
# Emojis were chosen to match the
name-template: "v$NEXT_PATCH_VERSION"
tag-template: "v$NEXT_PATCH_VERSION"
- title: ":rocket: Features"
labels: [enhancement, feature]
- title: ":wrench: Fixes & Refactoring"
labels: [bug, refactoring, bugfix, fix]
- title: ":package: Build System & CI/CD"
labels: [build, ci, testing]
- title: ":boom: Breaking Changes"
labels: [breaking]
- title: ":pencil: Documentation"
labels: [documentation]
- title: ":arrow_up: Dependencies updates"
labels: [dependencies]
template: |
## Whats Changed
## :busts_in_silhouette: List of contributors