This is a fork of the guru ebuild repository from my perspective (i.e my modifications)
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Duje Mihanović 7c4739012b
games-fps/etlegacy: add 2.80.2, drop 2.79.0
4 months ago
.github/workflows emails.yml: only run on push to dev 5 months ago
acct-group acct-group/yacy: new package 4 months ago
acct-user acct-user/yacy: new package 4 months ago
app-accessibility Move {app-crypt → sec-keys}/openpgp-keys-aepaneshnikov 9 months ago
app-admin app-admin/enpass-desktop-bin: add MissingLicenseRestrict 5 months ago
app-arch app-arch/microtar: new package, add 0.1.0 5 months ago
app-backup app-backup/grub-btrfs: end 5 months ago
app-containers app-containers/netavark: add die to external commands 5 months ago
app-crypt app-crypt/tang: removed systemd daemon-reload command 5 months ago
app-dicts */*: Fix missing trailing slash in HOMEPAGE 6 months ago
app-doc app-doc/ford: pass name of the system C preprocessor 5 months ago
app-editors app-editors/kak-lsp: add 12.2.1, drop 12.2.0 5 months ago
app-emacs app-emacs/prop-menu: drop to maintainer-needed 7 months ago
app-emulation app-emulation/waydroid: enable py3.10, correctly depend op python stuff 5 months ago
app-eselect app-eselect/eselect-ld: update Manifest 6 months ago
app-forensics/libpreloadvaccine app-forensics/yara: treeclean (moved to ::gentoo) 8 months ago
app-i18n/fcitx-skk app-i18n/fcitx-skk: remove longdescription 2 years ago
app-metrics/scaphandre app-metrics/scaphandre: use tarball 5 months ago
app-misc app-misc/s6-man: update copyright 4 months ago
app-mobilephone app-mobilephone/usb-tethering: Version Bump 9 months ago
app-office app-office/openoffice-bin: some ebuild fixes 4 months ago
app-portage app-portage/appswipe: initial import 5 months ago
app-shells app-shells/fzf-fish: add 8.3, drop 8.1 5 months ago
app-text app-text/OCRmyPDF: drop 12.0.2, 12.6.0 5 months ago
app-vim app-vim/vimwiki-cli: disable py3.6, py3.7 5 months ago
dev-R dev-R/xfun: add 0.31, drop 0.30 5 months ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/vexcl: remove patches 5 months ago
dev-db dev-db/rum: drop 1.3.7 5 months ago
dev-dotnet/gtk-sharp dev-dotnet/gtk-sharp: removed _elibtoolize command 5 months ago
dev-embedded dev-embedded/rauc: Drop old 7 months ago
dev-erlang dev-erlang/ranch: revert 1.7.1 1 year ago
dev-games dev-games/godot: fix IndirectInherits 9 months ago
dev-go/lichen dev-go/lichen: ego instead of go 5 months ago
dev-hare dev-hare/hare-iobus: initial import 5 months ago
dev-java dev-java/openjdk-sts-bin: remove package 9 months ago
dev-lang dev-lang/hare: Add MPL-2.0 in LICENSE 5 months ago
dev-libs dev-libs/weechat-relay: unkeyword 9999 for ~amd64 4 months ago
dev-lisp/PSL dev-lisp/PSL: export CC 6 months ago
dev-ml dev-ml/hex: add 1.5.0 5 months ago
dev-octave dev-octave/quaternion: add patch from debian 5 months ago
dev-perl dev-perl/HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath: moved to ::gentoo 11 months ago
dev-php/pecl-inotify dev-php/pecl-inotify: drop 2.0.0 1 year ago
dev-python dev-python/pyclip: update copyright 4 months ago
dev-ruby dev-ruby/ruby-install: fix 0.8.3-r2 9 months ago
dev-util dev-util/pmbootstrap: add 1.43.1, drop old, add self as maintainer 4 months ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/mergestat: update LICENSE 5 months ago
eclass octaveforge.eclass: add octaveforge_src_test() 5 months ago
games-action games-action/polymc: treeclean, moved to ::gentoo 5 months ago
games-arcade games-arcade/SpaceCadetPinball: bump to 2.0.1 9 months ago
games-board games-board/rmahjong: add python 3.10 compat, bump EAPI8 7 months ago
games-emulation games-emulation/mupen64plus-qt: rework quazip includes 4 months ago
games-engines games-engines/fs2_open: Bump to 22.0.0, Added 'clang' USE flag 6 months ago
games-fps games-fps/etlegacy: add 2.80.2, drop 2.79.0 4 months ago
games-misc games-misc/an-anime-game-launcher-bin: treeclean 5 months ago
games-puzzle Update erroneous mail adress 6 months ago
games-rpg/airshipper games-rpg/airshipper: fix non-rust dependencies 5 months ago
games-server/among-sus */*: Fix missing trailing slash in HOMEPAGE 6 months ago
games-util games-util/mangohud: properly uses python-any-r1 eclass 5 months ago
gnome-extra gnome-extra/extension-manager: Update comment explaining test skip 5 months ago
gui-apps gui-apps/swaync: add 0.6.1, drop 0.6 4 months ago
gui-libs gui-libs/text-engine: Limit dev-libs/glib to >=2.72.0 for live ebuild 5 months ago
gui-wm gui-wm/dwl: drop 0.2.1, 0.3 5 months ago
kde-apps kde-apps/tok: initial import 6 months ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/kquickchatcomponents: initial import 6 months ago
kde-misc kde-misc/skanpage: moved to ::gentoo as media-gfx/skanpage 5 months ago
licenses licenses: add ODC-By-1.0 license 5 months ago
mail-client mail-client/mailspring-bin: version bump to 1.10.3 5 months ago
media-fonts media-fonts/noto: drop 4 months ago
media-gfx media-gfx/dustr: virtual/jpeg --> media-libs/libjpeg-turbo 5 months ago
media-libs media-libs/grok: new package, add 9.7.6 5 months ago
media-plugins media-plugins/gst-plugins-qt5: add 1.20.2 4 months ago
media-sound media-sound/callaudiod: drop unused eclass 5 months ago
media-video media-video/uxplay: version bump to 1.52, drop 1.51 4 months ago
metadata metadata/layout.conf: ban EAPI 6 9 months ago
mpv-plugin mpv-plugin/mpv-mpris: move from media-video/mpv-mpris 5 months ago
net-analyzer net-analyzer/munin-plugins-mendix: drop 23 1 year ago
net-client net-client/lagrange: add 1.12.1, drop 1.11.1 6 months ago
net-dialup net-dialup/tio: drop 1.36 5 months ago
net-fs */*: add lang="en" to <longdescription> 1 year ago
net-im net-im/jitsi-meet: update and add metadata.xml 4 months ago
net-irc net-irc/tiny: rename distfile 7 months ago
net-libs net-libs/ixwebsocket: add 11.4.3, drop 11.4.2 4 months ago
net-mail net-mail/dovecot-fts-xapian: add 9999 5 months ago
net-misc acct-user/yacy: new package 4 months ago
net-news net-news/sfeed: treeclean 7 months ago
net-nntp/inn net-nntp/inn: tmpfiles_process 6 months ago
net-p2p net-p2p/*: net-p2p/yggdrasil-go, net-p2p/popura: update SRC_URI 4 months ago
net-print/hpuld net-print/hpuld: fix typo MY_PV 5 months ago
net-proxy/toxiproxy net-proxy/toxiproxy: 2.4.0-r1 5 months ago
net-voip net-voip/discover-overlay: add 0.5.1, drop 0.5.0 5 months ago
net-wireless net-wireless/rtl8821cu: Add support 5.17 kernel 5 months ago
profiles media-sound/noisetorch: mask entirely due to potential security concerns 4 months ago
sci-biology sci-biology/cmdock: add 0.1.4 10 months ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/kactus2: unkeyword s390 5 months ago
sci-geosciences */*: Fix missing trailing slash in HOMEPAGE 6 months ago
sci-libs sci-libs/qdldl: new package, add 0.1.5_p20211001 5 months ago
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/frama-c-wp: add why3<1.5.0 restriction 5 months ago
sci-misc/boinc-wrapper sci-misc/boinc-wrapper: drop 7.16.16 12 months ago
sci-physics sci-physics/SU2: switch to EAPI-8. Enable MPI network tests 11 months ago
scripts Add emails checker against bugzilla workflow 6 months ago
sec-keys sec-keys/signify-keys-gmid: add 1.8 8 months ago
sys-apps sys-apps/qemu-openrc: initial import 4 months ago
sys-auth sys-auth/keystone: multiple improvements 5 months ago
sys-boot sys-boot/limine: add 3.4.5 4 months ago
sys-cluster sys-cluster/cinder: add missing test dep 5 months ago
sys-devel sys-devel/cproc: New Package 5 months ago
sys-firmware/pinephone-firmware sys-firmware/pinephone-firmware: Fixed copy error 1 year ago
sys-fs sys-fs/gcsfuse: sync with upstream 5 months ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/uek-sources: add 4 months ago
sys-libs sys-libs/libfixposix: update copyright 4 months ago
sys-power sys-power/gwe: add 0.15.5 5 months ago
sys-process sys-process/snooze: simplify ebuilds 4 months ago
virtual virtual/sendmail: initial import 9 months ago
www-apps www-apps/uwebsockets: add 20.14.0 4 months ago
www-client www-client/nyxt: update copyright 4 months ago
www-misc www-misc/waldl: Add new package 11 months ago
www-servers www-servers/hinsightd: update HOMEPAGE 5 months ago
x11-apps/xcur2png x11-apps/xcur2png: New package. 2 years ago
x11-drivers/OpenTabletDriver-bin x11-drivers/OpenTabletDriver-bin: moved udevadm to postinst 8 months ago
x11-libs x11-libs/libadwaita: treeclean 9 months ago
x11-misc x11-misc/i3status-rust: add 0.21.10 4 months ago
x11-plugins/purple-mm-sms drop myself as maintainer part 3 1 year ago
x11-terms */*: Fix missing trailing slash in HOMEPAGE 6 months ago
x11-themes x11-themes/neonly-cursor: new package 6 months ago
x11-wm x11-wm/leftwm: add 0.3.0 4 months ago
.editorconfig .editorconfig: Don't force tabs in metadata.xml. 2 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: add some more trash 2 years ago lichen is a better tool than golicense 5 months ago tracking new releases 9 months ago Drop repoman in favour of pkgcheck/pkgdev 6 months ago more dependencies for casadi 5 months ago
guru.svg add README and logo 2 years ago


The GURU Project Repository

pkgcheck contributions welcome chat on libera

The official repository for new Gentoo packages, maintained collaboratively by Gentoo users.

This README contains some additional useful information for GURU contributors, such as common mistakes, frequently asked questions and other tips and tricks.

The GURU regulations, and the Gentoo developer manual take precedence over any information here.

See for more information on the project.


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  2. Email Addresses

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